I Love Horses!

Most pre-teen girls go through the horse-love stage on their way to adulthood. For me, that love has never waned. As a young girl, I was fascinated with horses and would be thrilled for any opportunity to even catch a glance of a horse pasture from our moving station wagon. When we moved from Orange County to Redlands, California as a pre-teen, I was able to put that love into action. Our neighbors around our canyon property all owned horses. I would regularly petition them to care for their horses in exchange for "exercising" them. There was one neighbor who took me up on my offer, and ended up being one of the most positive influences in my life at that age, Mrs. Bailey. Early every Sunday morning, I'd meet her at the stables behind her house, and help her feed and groom the horses, "muck" the stalls. I eventually earned the honor of training on her gorgeous Quarter Horse "Rusty" in both Western and English style riding. The friendship that grew out of this arrangement is one of my best childhood memories. To this day, I still have the dream of owning my own horses, and admire their beauty and majesty.


SIZE: 24X24